Beats that Burn: The Space Workout Playlist – Summer 2020

Mat’s laid.
Gear’s on point.
A workout that’s going to burn – burn – burn!

10 minutes in, a desperate Spotify-shuffle for that perfect track to get you started!

From setting pace, to maximizing performance, the right playlist can boost you through those killer workouts! Plus, it’s a “good kind of” distraction when in plank during the longest minute of your day!

One simply can’t HIIT without a HIT of aural dopamine! 

Curating a truly motivating playlist can be a challenge, so to save you the trauma of a Spoti-fuffle, The Space has done it for you! No need to stop mid-set to change a track that’s messing with your burpees. Here’s The Space’s Spotify playlist – from warm up to cool down – with all the songs we’ve been crushing our WODs with!

Turn up the volume, lace up your shoes and give it your all!

The Warm Up Playlist

The Training Playlist

The Cool Down Playlist

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