Covid-Safe at The Space

Move Safe, Train Happy

The health and well-being of our guests, their families and our team is our number one priority. We have introduced a number of new procedures to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission and make our studios a safe and happy place to train.

What are we doing?

We are closely following Government guidelines and have put into place the following changes in our operating procedures:

  • The Space has opened with a significantly reduced capacity to minimize congestion in the common spaces.
  • We are limiting the number of guests in our studios to allow for individual workout areas of at least 4m2, closely following government guidelines.
  • Our indoor group-ex classes are temporarily limited, giving us more control over the daily traffic within our studios.
  • We have made it mandatory to pre-book guest visits. This enables us to control the number of guests and staff present at the studio at any given time.
The Window, First Floor studio:

Studio capacity has been reduced to 50% of maximum, allowing for 6 individual workout areas. In addition, a maximum of 1 instructor or staff member will be present in the studio.

The Cellar, Basement studio:

Studio capacity has been reduced to 25% of maximum, allowing for 8 individual workout areas. In addition, a maximum of 2 instructors or staff members will be present in the studio.

Common Spaces:

Corridors and common spaces will have markers at regular intervals to remind guests to maintain social distancing requirements

  • We will only accept guests to The Space, who have booked and paid in advance.
  • Studio bookings are for minimum of 60 minutes with 30 minutes between each booking to allow for disinfecting protocols.
  • The Space will be closed on Sundays for enhanced cleaning.

We’ve always taken great care to keep our studio environment clean and have now further enhanced our procedures to maintain a higher level of hygiene. Our new cleaning protocols include:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting with an electrostatic spray multiple times per day with an emphasis on high-touch, hard, non-porous surfaces like equipment, handles and doors. All surfaces in all areas are sprayed with sufficient contact time and wiped down with an FDA approved, rapid acting hospital grade disinfectant.
  • We have installed a sanitizing foot bath at the entrance and multiple hand sanitisation stations across the facility with an FDA approved 70% ethanol based disinfection liquid with emollients to moisturise.
  • We have made a provision of sanitiser sprays for each guest during their booking to wipe down gym equipment after each use.
  • Soaps in the bathroom have been replaced with a non-irritant, antimicrobial handwash for a gentle disinfection of hands.
  • The studios & bathrooms will be periodically irradiated with an Ultraviolet-C lamp multiple times per day.
  • To avoid pathogens being dispersed by sweeping and dusting, a vacuum with a HEPA filter will be used instead of mopping.
  • Our team members have been extensively trained on proper use of PPE along with new cleaning protocols and appropriate disinfectant usage.
  • Lidded dustbins will be available in multiple locations around the studio.
  • Our staff will ensure that equipment is wiped down before and after bookings. They will also remind guests to do the same before and after use.
  • Our staff has been intensively trained in Covid-19 transmission, safety measures (at work & at home), hygiene and disinfection. Our whole team is on board and understands what is required of them for us to safely run The Space.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) has been provided for team members which include a reusable 3 ply mask required to be worn at all times inside the premises as well as shields and reusable rubber gloves if they feel the need to use these. The team has been trained on the appropriate use, cleaning and storage of these items.
  • Social distancing rules apply to team members too. We have re-organised shifts to ensure a limit on the number of persons present in the studio at a time. Staff is to maintain a 6 foot distance from guests and each other.
  • We will screen our team with daily temperature & SpO2 checks and periodically get our team members tested for Covid-19. Additionally, staff have been instructed to not come to work if they display any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 and stay home for fourteen days.
  • Our guard will confirm guest booking at the front gate and only permit scheduled arrivals into the premises.
  • No mask, no entry. Masks are mandatory in all areas of the premises at all times.
  • Temperature will be checked at the main gate before entry. Anyone displaying symptoms of coronavirus or a fever of >100.4F will be asked not to enter.
  • Guests will be asked to sanitise their hands & soles before entering the premises.
Physical Changes:
  • Equipment will be made available for training with prior online bookings.
  • Communal furniture and porous materials like cushions, training bands, bolsters, yoga mats and foam rollers have been removed.
  • Foot pedal openers will be attached to doors and some doors will be left open to reduce touching by multiple people.
  • The shower facilities will be unavailable.
  • Windows will be kept open & exhausts switched on between each booking to allow for ventilation of stale air.
  • An HEPA air purifier and Activated carbon filters will be running in the basement studio as long as it is in use.
  • Studio temperature will be maintained at 24 degrees in keeping with government guidelines.
  • Water dispensers are available on all levels. However, cups will no longer be provided and guests are requested to carry personal reusable cups or bottles.
  • Health and hygiene reminders to all guests & team members are present across the premises through signage. Information about social-distancing protocols, wearing, handling & disposal of masks, frequent sanitizing & hand washing and other such important protocols will be displayed.
  • In case a gym guest or staff member gets COVID, The Space will be shut down to allow for cleaning and to ensure that nobody else gets infected. We will promptly inform all guests in case of such an event.

What we need you to do (changes in guest protocols)

To help minimise the risk of infections, we require all our guests to strictly adhere to the following guidelines

  • STAY HOME if you have symptoms of the coronavirus or have recently been in contact with someone infected.
  • Pre-book & pay for your slot and equipment online.
  • Confirm that you have read and agree to our new protocols by signing this declaration online.
  • Things to bring with you: hand towel for wipe downs, water bottle, yoga mat, mask (plus a spare incase you get really sweaty), spare indoor shoes.
  • Masks are mandatory at all times within the premises, including during training.
  • Confirm your booking with the guard at the main gate to be permitted entry at a maximum of 10 minutes before your booking time. If you have arrived before your scheduled slot, please wait outside the premises till your booking time.
  • Your temperature will be checked. If you display symptoms of coronavirus or a fever of >100.4F you will be asked not to enter. Kindly cooperate with this request.
  • Once you have entered the premises, sanitize your hands & soles.
  • Follow social distancing markers and wait your turn to be attended to at the reception.
  • Share your booking details with the front desk.
  • Collect your numbered spray bottle with disinfectant (for equipment based classes only).
  • Sanitise/wash hands with soap before entering the studio and frequently during your time at The Space.
  • Change your footwear to indoor shoes before entering the studios. Shoe racks will be unavailable and your shoes must be stored inside your bags.
  • Unless directed by The Space management otherwise, masks need to stay on while training. Face shields are optional. See ‘Training In Masks' below.
  • Remain in your training space and as much as possible and maintain 6ft distance from our team, instructors & other guests.
  • As much as we’d love you to, avoid hugging, shaking hands and any physical contact with other guests, instructors and our team.
  • Dispose tissues inside dustbins only. Do not leave used tissues & napkins around the studio.
  • Only use the equipment assigned to you. Wipe down equipment after each use with the sanitizer provided and your hand towels.
  • Wipe down equipment & leave it at the designated area of your training space
  • Deposit spray bottle at the table near the guard before you leave
  • Only those guests that are actually exercising or teaching should be inside the facility. Do not wait in the reception and exit promptly after your booking ends.
  • Masks need to stay on while training. However, in certain types of workouts, it's unsuitable to train with masks. In such cases, The Space management with the instructor will ensure the class is programmed to suit maskless workouts in a way to manage physical distance and mitigate any chance of member interaction. Specific safety instructions will be provided for such classes.
  • Please ensure you wear training-appropriate, layered, cloth masks. N95 masks are not recommended. Face shields are optional.
  • Masks must cover both - your nose and mouth.
  • Do not train at high intensity while wearing a mask. It is recommended you gradually scale up your exercise as your body gets used to exercising with a mask.
  • If you are having breathing difficulties, experience light-headedness, dizziness or numbness and tingling, please stop training immediately. Exit the studio and visit the designated area where you can sit down and safely remove your mask as you recollect your breath. Do not continue exercise if you are unable to recollect your breathing and seek help with our team immediately.
  • Change your mask if it becomes saturated with sweat. Please do not leave used masks on studio surfaces. As soon as you remove the mask from your face, put it away in your bag or dispose of it in the bins.
  • If you have cardiovascular or respiratory conditions, take caution and get clearance from your doctor before attempting to exercise with a face mask.
  • If you have booked a studio for "exclusive use" for private training, rehearsal or shooting you may remove your mask inside the studio only. However masks must stay on in all common areas of The Space.
  • You may remove your mask in the Patio (The Space garden) provided there is no class on. Ensure you maintain a minimum 6ft distance from other clients and our team if you have removed your mask here.

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