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What's on Offer?

The Space offers a range of high quality fitness and lifestyle classes with qualified and experienced instructors in a clean, comfortable, peaceful environment.

Which class is for me?

Read all about the classes we offer (including times and prices) by clicking on the different options under CLASSES.
Click on:
TIMETABLE to find a class at a time to suit you.
CLASS COMPARE under CLASSES to compare the benefits of all classes side-by-side.
CONTACT for specific class queries and call the instructor directly.
WHAT'S ON to find out about fun workshops and events each month.

If you still want help deciding which class is right for you, give us a call on 9892035182.

I'm ready for my first class!

Most classes offer one or two trial classes at a favourable rate, so you can have the opportunity to try out a class. It's best to give the instructor a call to let them know you are coming, to discuss in advance any concerns you may have and check there is space.

My next class

Wow, that was good! What about my next class? After the initial trial, if you like the class, you can decide to book a package for a set number of classes with a limited period of validity, just 'drop-in' from time to time or try a different class. Booking a package usually works out best, as it ensures the instructor will keep a space for you, motivates you to attend regularly and works out more economical per class.

When to arrive

Get the most out of your class by arriving 5 to 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled class time, so you are relaxed when the class starts and you receive full benefit from the class. Please don't arrive late! If you arrive late, you disturb the class and if the instructor thinks it is dangerous for you to join late (because you have missed the warm-up or missed an important technical explanation) they will not let you join.

What shall I wear

Bring a pair of clean, well-fitting sports shoes to change into, as outdoor shoes are not permitted in the studios for hygiene. Or go barefoot if suitable for the class. Generally wear sportswear or comfortable, loose fitting clothing with long hair tied back. Some classes however have different requirements, described on the relevant page under 'CLASSES'. We recommend you do not bring jewellery to The Space. It is easily lost, can cause damage or injury and can sometimes interfere with specific activities.

Where do I go?

Enter The Space by the gate on AB Nair Road (directly opposite Chin Chin Chu), walk up the path and turn left into the lobby towards the blue door leading to reception. Our lovely receptionist will help you find the correct studio for your class, which may be in the basement, on the first floor or in the garden.


We accept payments for trials and drop-in classes at The Space reception. You can pay in cash or online. When purchasing a class online, please clearly state the class name and the date you will be attending under 'purpose of payment'. You can purchase packages directly from the instructors.

Health Concerns

If you have any specific health concerns, are new to exercise or have not exercised in some time, we recommend you speak to your doctor to check the suitability of your proposed class. Please also alert your instructor to any specific health issues you face.